About Us

OHM ESSENTIALS is an all-natural skin and hair care line. Our products are formulated for daily use to exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize and protect your skin and hair so that you will never need any additional chemical products. All products are completely natural and are packaged entirely by hand in our facility in Austin, Texas. Small batches ensures quality. At OHM ESSENTIALS, we do not believe in gendered marketing. All of our products are inclusive and powerful for any skin type.

Note from the owner:

I was terrorized with terrible cystic acne growing up, and unfortunately the only remedy I found was prescription medication. Isotretinoin was rough on my mind and body but eventually it did clear up my skin. But, I was still left with a ridiculous amount of dark spots and dry skin. I spent thousands of dollars trying different products to fix this issue but to no avail.

OHM ESSENTIALS began when I realized that the home remedies I grew up using in India were more effective than the chemical products found on the market today. I started to research and mix my own oils and butters in my kitchen in 2017. Before long, I saw that my skin was radiating and my acne spots were disappearing. I started handing out my newly created products to family and friends and realized that I had created an inexpensive, natural product that people needed.

Natural ingredients provide a vast array of benefits and are truly better for your body and the environment. Our gender inclusive products are handcrafted and small batch to ensure quality and shelf-life. I hope to grow OHM ESSENTIALS to replace the harsh chemicals used in skin care for a greener and brighter future! 

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